Man Walks Away from Horror Crash, Proves Model S is Safest Car Ever


Tesla claims their's are the safest cars on the road. This story is a testament to that.

NHTSA recently ranked the Tesla Model S as the safest car in history. While no-one wants to see this proven in real life, an accident involving the EV was bound to happen at some stage. Going by the pseudonym "jodovi," one Long Island Tesla owner describes a serious car accident involving a Hyundai Elantra driver who blew a red light while talking on her phone and slammed into his Tesla Model S at full speed. While the other driver left the scene in an ambulance, he walked away unscathed.

He says the Elantra bounced off the Tesla, spun around, and hit him again ending up on the other side of the road, while he slid into a grass median. If any other car, he is convinced things could have turned out a lot worse.There was no smoke, and no liquid spill of any kind. In fact the Model S absorbed the impact so well, the air bags weren't even deployed. True to form, Tesla was automatically alerted of the incident and subsequently picked up the wrecked Model S and arranged for a replacement. Elon Musk, we salute you.

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