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Man Wants to Trade His Private Island for a Ferrari Enzo

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Life's hard when you're rich and can't find an Enzo to buy.

Imagine you're rich enough to buy a private island that's worth over $1 million. But then you wake up one day unsatisfied with it. You want something more exciting. What could that be? A Ferrari Enzo would fit the bill. The thing is, they can be a little hard to find simply because just 401 examples were made. Not all of them still even exist (thanks a ton Eddie Griffin). So instead of going online and begin the Enzo hunt, the island's owner came up with another idea: trade the island for an Enzo and put the offer on Craig's List.

If there is an Enzo owner out there who'd prefer to have his/her own island, then here's what they'll be getting in return: a 3 acre private island just off the coast of Port Orange, Florida. The island is currently uninhabited without any structures. Basically, the new owner could build the house of their dreams there. It sounds like a pretty tempting offer, but any interested Enzo owners will need to take into account that their car is probably worth more than the island's $1.2 million real estate value. So say if you did have an Enzo, would you take this guy up on his offer? The discussion here should prove to be quite interesting.

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