Man Who Crashed Into Four Ferraris Gets Help To Pay For Damages

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The community truly feels sorry for this poor man.

Just yesterday, we reported on a Taiwanese delivery driver named Lin Chin-Hsiang, who fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into four parked Ferrari cars worth a combined $1.6 million. To make matters worse, the 20-year old was driving his mother's uninsured Mitsubishi, leaving a bill for 12 million Taiwan dollars ($390,000). Now, more details about the accident are pouring out and according to BBC News, Mr. Lin is now getting help from the community to pay the absurd amount of damages.

This story has become big news in Taiwan, where the population is becoming overly dissatisfied with the growing wealth gap. Mr. Lin's family is one of many in the country struggling to make a living. When the crash occurred at 5:40 in the morning, he was making a delivery for his mother's shop after working a full shift at a BBQ restaurant. The police checked to make sure he was not under the influence and determined he was just tired.

"I thought, 'Oh no, I've gotten myself into a big mess.' I was really worried about bringing trouble to my mother and having to pay so much money. I wanted to help her but made things worse" Mr. Lin said in an interview.

After hearing this story, the Taiwanese community quickly reached out to help, calling the police to ask how they can assist and even showing up to the family's shop. "I'm really grateful to everyone who has offered to help and who has come here to encourage me. Some people even drove up from central Taiwan and asked me where they can donate money. Some spent a long time looking for our shop, some are not in a good situation, but they still gave money," Mr. Lin said. "Some people gave 5,000 [Taiwan dollars] ($160) or 10,000. They just said 'In the future, you just have to help society.'"

More than 100 donations have been made, equalling about $24,000. With a monthly salary of 35,000 Taiwan dollars ($1,136), it would take Mr. Lin 28 years to pay the full cost of the repairs without any assistance. Many have called upon the Ferrari owners to let him off the hook, though the owners insist they worked hard to pay for those cars.

In their defense, the owners have agreed to let Mr. Lin pay them back in installments instead of all at once. Mr. Lin even agrees, saying "I'm really sorry to have hit their cars, really sorry. It wasn't intentional. Even though it will take a long time, I committed a wrong. I should still pay for it."

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