Manhart CR 700 Last Edition Is Mega V8-Powered AMG C63 Sedan With 700 HP And H&R Springs

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It's even more powerful than the new plug-in hybrid C63.

The introduction of the new AMG C63 Sedan signals the end of an era. It may be an incredible performance car, but many enthusiasts are mourning the loss of the V8. To celebrate the incredible combination of C-Class and V8, Manhart Performance has introduced the CR700 Last Edition, a wheeled tribute to the W205 C63.

The CR700 begins life as a C63 S, which is already a fast car, thanks to 503 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. That's not enough for the German tuner, though, with Manhart boosting outputs to 702 hp and 678 lb-ft - substantially more than the stock and representing a 31 hp increase over the new W206 C63 even.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

This generous dollop of power comes courtesy of the Manhart Turbo Performance kit, which upgrades the intercooler and turbochargers. Elsewhere the stock intake is replaced with a carbon fiber Manhart-branded item, and the ECU is remapped. Manhart claims the CR 700 needs just 5.5 seconds to blast from 62 mph to 124 mph, which is remarkable.

The German tuner hasn't stopped there, though. The transmission has also received an upgrade, and so too has the suspension. H&R height-adjustable coil springs give the car a more sinister look and improve handling. The brakes remain unchanged, but Manhart is willing to fit uprated brakes if asked.

Lending the CR700 Last Edition a delightful growl is the Manhart Race downpipes (without catalytic converters) or the Sport option with 200-cell catalytic converters.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

The gorgeous AMG wheels have been swapped out for a Manhart design. The 20-inch Concave One rims are wrapped in 255/30 and 275/30 tires at the front and rear, respectively. As you'd expect, the wheels wear a Matte Black finish with gold decorations. If that's not your style, Manhart will customize the rims to your liking.

The black and gold theme continues to the rest of the vehicle, with Manhart's polarizing decal set festooning the elegant Mercedes. At the rear, you'll note the three-pointed star has been painted black and is flanked by "Manhart" and "CR 700 Last Edition" badging. Overall, this is one of the tuner's more subtle creations - other cars haven't been so lucky.

Thankfully, the tasteful interior is unchanged, but Manhart can personalize the cabin if a client requests it.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

As mentioned, this is the Last Edition model. Manhart has previously treated the C63 Estate to the CR 700 treatment, making for one fiery family wagon. The same upgrades were given to the long roof variant, although that doesn't have the honor of being a Last Edition. Manhart will likely offer the package to wagon owners, as the vehicles are virtually the same underneath.

It's not the only tuner that's having a hard time saying goodbye to the W205 C63. In June, Performmaster unveiled its take on the C63 V8 Final Edition. it may not be as powerful as the Manhart C63, but with 603 hp and 597 lb-ft, it should prove rapid enough for most needs. While the new model is a technological tour de force, it's clear to see it will never live up to the outgoing C63's reputation.

Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance Manhart Performance

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