Manhart Fails To Ruin The Sporty BMW M240i

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It actually looks good.

For many, the BMW 2 Series saved what so many love and cherish: compact, rear-wheel-drive BMWs that are genuinely fun to drive. This compact little sports coupe has proven that BMW still knows how to have fun, and it has also proven to be a massive hit with the aftermarket tuning scene. The latest G42 BMW M240i Coupe has now come under the watchful eye of Manhart, a tuning company that is capable of improving BMWs or absolutely ruining them in equal measure. Thankfully, it looks like the former applies here, and not only does Manhart make the M240i look better, but it also gives it a significant power increase. Introducing the MH2 450.


The exterior of the M240i in standard form is pretty attractive, but when you're adding nearly 100 horsepower to the rear wheels, you might as well make it look meaner. Manhart has transformed this 2 Series with a new front bumper that features delicate gold highlights, a set of seriously wide side skirts, and an aggressive rear end that gets a bigger duckbill spoiler and a mean diffuser. According to Manhart, these parts can be ordered separately, and the cool-looking gold decal kit is also sold separately. The car pictured rides on six-spoke black Concave One 20 -inch rims with a gold lip to match the theme of the car, and we think it's rather subtle for Manhart, which is a good thing.

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Under the hood, the M240i's turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six has been upgraded with a new stainless steel exhaust system with valve control, a stainless steel OPF-Delete pipe, an OPF/GPF delete kit, and a downpipe with a 200-cell catalytic converter. These hardware mods are accompanied by an MHtronik Powerbox which raises the power output to 450 hp, hence the name MH2 450. Torque is also increased to a stunning 480 lb-ft. Well done, Manhart - we can add this one to your "did not completely ruin" list.

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