Manhart's 640-HP Range Rover Sport Is Here To Ruin Your Day

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Just 10 examples of the SV 650 will be built.

Manhart Performance has turned its attention to the new Range Rover Sport, previewing soon-to-be-available enhancements for the luxury SUV.

Revealed just last year, the German tuner has wasted no time in putting its signature black-and-gold touch on the big Brit. Known as the Manhart Sport SV 650, it's based on the P530 variant, which uses a BMW-sourced 4.4-liter V8 with 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque in stock form.

While that's plenty of power for most, Manhart has plans to increase these figures to 641 hp and 656 lb-ft. The tuner doesn't say how it plans to achieve these outputs, but we're guessing a new exhaust system and a revised air intake will form part of the package.

Manhart Performance
Manhart Performance

While that sounds appealing, the exterior changes are a touch more divisive. The Range Rover may not wear a tacky body kit, but the gold accent colors may be a bit much for some. Aside from the prominent stripes that stretch over the top and down the sides of the SUV, not-so-subtle pin-striping can be found on the front and rear fascias.

You won't find any Land Rover or Range Rover badging here. No, Manhart has replaced all model names with its own nomenclature, which is, of course, finished in gold.

Lastly, the black exterior is set off by the 24-inch Forged Line alloy wheels finished in the company's signature hue. It's possible Manhart will offer different color schemes, as it does with other models, should the customer not appreciate the distinctive design seen here.

Manhart Performance
Manhart Performance

Manhart has chosen not to share any pictures of the refined interior but notes customers can select between leather and/or Alcantara upholstery in black and gold. There are also unique interior accents to choose from, presumably replacing the stock inlays.

Just ten examples will be produced, making the SV 650 a rare SUV. Last year, the tuner revealed similar enhancements for the larger Range Rover. A classy luxury vehicle in standard guise, we felt Manhart went a bit too far and created something rather conspicuous and, frankly, vulgar.

Sometimes the company gets it right, though, as evidenced by the Audi S3-based S 400. Getting back to the Range Rover Sport, there's no word on cost, but we're guessing wealthy individuals will fork over plenty of money for the power upgrades and rarity.

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