Mansory Gives Mercedes-AMG G63 Suicide Doors And ALL Of The Tacked-On Carbon Fiber

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The German tuner plans on producing ten examples.

Mansory is no stranger to creating polarizing custom cars, but the tuner's latest build takes it to another level. Meet the Grande Entree, a limited edition SUV based on the Mercedes-AMG G63.

While the name sounds like something you'd find on the menu of a French restaurant, the Grand Entree is anything but appealing. The German tuner has tacked forged carbon fiber on almost every surface and painted the bodywork in army green with a satin matte effect.

The most prominent revision here is the rear-hinged doors, which add a bit of drama to the G-Class package. Mansory claims this makes getting in and out of the car easier. Moreover, the rear doors boast a soft-close function, much like you'd find on a Rolls-Royce or an S-Class.

Mansory has previously offered rear-hinged doors on the G63, as seen on the Gronos 4x4 and the Coupe EVO C.

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Mansory has gone overboard with the forged carbon fiber. The lightweight material has been draped over the hood, front bumper, roof, side panels, and spare wheel holder. When done correctly, carbon fiber looks great when used on a tuned car. But when teamed with the exaggerated detailing - the hood is too busy - it's a lot to take in.

An aggressive body kit, larger black-painted wheels, a spoiler, and an unnecessary light bar complete the styling updates. It's not the worst car we have seen from Mansory, but it could do with a few improvements. Then again, Mansory knows its customer base, and we expect the Grande Entree to be a success with wealthy extroverts.

The under-the-hood updates are far more appealing. Mansory says the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 now produces around 839 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is unchanged at 155 mph, but the 0 to 62 mph sprint now takes just 3.5 seconds.

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The leather-lined cabin is more palatable than the exterior. Mansory has retrimmed the entire cockpit in fine leather, with green-colored hide covering almost every surface. The seat inserts, door cards, and armrests have been finished in pistachio-colored leather with a perforated diamond pattern.

Glossy carbon fiber has been used for the decorative inlays. The trimming features a unique pattern that resembles a chequered flag. The grab handle positioned ahead of the front passenger bears the legend 'One of Ten,' reminding owners of Grande Entree's exclusivity.

Mansory does not mention pricing, but we're confident this ultra-exclusive G-Wagon will wear an astronomical price tag. If you want a tuned G63 that's a touch more subtle, perhaps a Brabus-fettled example will be to your liking.

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