Mansory Introduces Wasp-Inspired Two-Tone Bentley Continental GT Convertible

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It's called the Vitesse, and only one will be made.

Mansory has scarred our eyeballs several times during 2022, but it's not done yet. The German tuner, known for building vehicles for customers with more money than taste, unveiled what will hopefully be its last product for 2022. It's called the Mansory Vitesse as an homage to the Mansory Vitesse Rose that made its debut in 2009.

The earlier car was based on the Bentley Continental GT coupe, and it was bathed in a color similar to Pepto-Bismol. The new car is based on the Bentley Continental GT Convertible, and it's bound to turn more heads than the original. Thanks to celebutantes like Paris Hilton and the movie industry, pink cars are no longer as shocking as they once were.

Mansory Mansory

Mansory went to town with this Bentley, creating a one-of-one two-tone cruiser. Unlike most two-tone cars, with a color split between the top and bottom, Mansory split this car slightly offset down the middle in a wasp-like theme. Mansory did something similar with a Ferrari Roma earlier this year.

Yellow is the dominant color, with the other side finished in black. Thankfully, the same black alloys were used all around.

The car's exterior has also been enhanced thanks to an aggressive body kit, most likely made of carbon fiber. Take a closer look, and you'll notice insane attention to detail. The yellow side has black striping, while the black side has contrasting yellow lines. The brake calipers also don't match and contrast with the exterior color on both sides.

We still think the car is vile, but we appreciate this attention to detail.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

It's also hard not to be impressed by the attention to detail on the inside. Instead of keeping the color split limited to the exterior, the theme is carried through on the seats.

The seats are black with yellow contrast stitching, piping, and badges on the black side. The same is true on the yellow side, where you'll find all these elements in black. The rear spoiler is all black, which kind of spoils the effect a little.

Mansory did not provide details regarding engine upgrades but stated that the power has been increased to 740 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque. The twin-turbo V8 Conti produces 542 hp, while the W12, which is living on borrowed time, produces 650 hp. Thanks to Mansory's work on the Bentayga, we know it can easily get up to 750 hp out of the V8, so that's most likely the model the Vitesse is based on.

Mansory Mansory Mansory

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