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Mansory Reveals G63 Sahara Edition In Geneva And It's Every Bit As Outrageous As You'd Think

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Is now a good time to mention that green doesn't make good desert camo?

Mansory is known for seriously outrageous tuning projects in a way that few tuners even come close to. But when it comes to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, even Mansory has its work cut out. When the manufacturer makes a 6X6 version of the thing, what can you do to be more outrageous? Something like this is a start: the Mansory G63 Sahara Edition. As the name implies, the G63 AMG is used as a base, but with the power turned up from 536 to 828 horsepower.

The power alone makes for quite a vehicle, but Mansory isn't going to stop there. The exterior of the vehicle is done in camouflage, an ironically unsubtle choice in nearly all circumstances. It has a few more external adornments, but it's the camo that you're going to notice first. The interior is actually even weirder, with some of the camo motif carrying over, but also there are embroidered falcon wings all over for some reason. In short, we'd say that Mansory definitely succeeded in making a G-Class that can be considered over the top. It may be a dubious honor, but they did it.

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