Mansory Reveals One-Off Ferrari 812 GTS Called Stallone Tempesta Nera

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We're glad we won't be seeing too much of this crazy creation.

Ferrari is a brand that exudes class, elegance, and heritage. Mansory, on the other hand, is a tuner that seems determined to remove all of those elements from every car it touches. The German outfit has found immense success modifying the world's most exclusive cars, but we still can't quite understand how it has such a strong following. Whether the tuner is working on a Mercedes G-Class or trying to enhance a Ferrari, Mansory never holds anything back.

That is certainly the case with this one-off creation called the Stallone Tempesta Nera. Based on the stunning Ferrari 812 GTS, this takes open-top V12 motoring to places it should probably never go.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

At the front, the 812 has a new bumper that has a central vane, various winglets, and a large carbon splitter. To make the front end stand out even more, it now features some black accents that draw your eye to the intakes beside the headlights. Behind these, the hood has some awful strakes on its vents, and the fenders are similarly overcomplicated with more black accents. It appears that every opening and exit has been given some sort of add-on, which combine to create a very cluttered look. Further back, the side skirts have been added to, and the mirrors have aggressive new caps. At the rear, multiple add-ons are lost in a sea of black as the paint transitions from red. A new diffuser and an enormous rear wing guarantee the look-at-me factor from any angle.

Mansory Mansory

The wild build is also fitted with new wheels, various badges, and multiple tricolor elements. The Italian flag is seen on the brake calipers, over the length of the body (where it appears to be skewed), and in various sections of the cabin, like the shift paddles, the dash, the seats, and the center console buttons. The entire cabin is just as extreme as the body, with bright red leather, white contrast piping, and quilted floor mats.

All of this show must translate to some extra go, and although Mansory has not explained how it has modified the car's performance, it does say that the 6.5-liter V12 now produces 818 horsepower (up from 789) and 546 lb-ft of torque (up from 530 lb-ft). As a result, 0-62 mph is dispatched in just 2.8 seconds, with the top speed arriving at 214 mph.

There's no word on what Stallone Tempesta Nera cost to create, but we sincerely hope nobody tries to replicate it.

Mansory Mansory Mansory

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