Mansory's 4XX Siracusa Makes The 488 GTB Look Like A Track Monster

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It's actually not that bad.

Unlike the majority of tuning companies that prefer to add subtle changes to already incredible supercars, Mansory prefers to give high-end exotics a full makeover. Because why should the hypercars get to have all of the fun? The new Mansory 4XX Siracusa takes the already potent and wonderful Ferrari 488 GTB and adds a little bit of craziness with even more power and an incredible body kit. Does Mansory's 4XX Siracusa look like a track-ready supercar or has the tuning company gone too far again?

While the exterior may look like the place where Mansory has done the most amount of work, the real magic has taken place under the supercar's hood. Thanks to a new exhaust system and a reprogrammed ECU, the 488 GTB's twin-turbocharged V8 now puts out 790 hp and 643 lb-ft of torque, which is much more than its stock output. Thanks to an increase of 129 hp and 82 lb-ft of torque, the Mansory 4XX Siracusa can get to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and tops out at 212 mph. Mansory has also fitted the 488 with new suspension that adjusts dynamically. Unlike its other vehicles, the 4XX Siracusa doesn't look half bad from the outside.

An aggressive front end, small carbon fiber fins and an enormous carbon fiber diffuser at the back dominate the exterior, not to mention the massive rear wing. From the front, the supercar looks pretty good, but Mansory needs to work on the back where it looks a little too busy. So, has Mansory actually created a supercar that looks and performs like a beast?

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