Mansory Tuned A Maserati Ghibli Without Going Crazy In The Process

Entry Level Exotics

The Ghibli is beefier but still looks classy.

The world-famous tuning house Mansory isn’t exactlyknown for its subtle improvements to high-end luxury vehicles. This tuninghouse, or “luxury car modification firm,” as it likes to be called, is all aboutbold, extravagant mods that make everything from Mercedes to Aston Martins evenplusher and, more often than not, faster. Founded in 1989 and located in Brand, Germany,Mansory has a history of doing this to top-of-the line cars likeMaseratis. This is why we’re so surprised that this entry-level Italian exotic sedan is so tastefully restrained.

With the new Maserati Ghibli byMansory, the upgrades are less focused on turning heads than providing the car with a notable advantage over the stock version. In the teaserpictures released from the German tuning house we can see that Mansorywill be adding carbon fiber spoilers, a carbon fiber front splitter, andlightweight (and perhaps too big) 22” wheels. In terms ofmodifications that directly affect the power of the luxurious sedan, Mansory isgoing to offer mods to both the diesel V6 models as well as the standardGhiblis that feed on premium gasoline. The gas version of thecar goes from 404 to 473 hp, and it upgrades the diesel Ghibli from 271 stock hp to306 horsepower.

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There’s not much to complain about here, and the modsare clearly less polarizing than some of Mansory’s wild productions of thepast. Is this tuning job enough to set your Ghibli apart from the pack? Also, check out the photos below to see what some other companies besides Mansory have done to the same car. How does this job stack up against the others? Let us know in the comments section.