Mansory's 1,100-HP Ferrari SF90 Is A Carbon Monster

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Both the Stradale and Spider get the Mansory treatment.

There have been an astonishing number of new Brabus builds of late, but this isn't the only controversial tuner out there giving our favorite cars questionable upgrades. Mansory too has a reputation for ruining cars, but unlike Brabus, which tends to focus on mostly Mercedes products, Mansory is a lot more open-minded and will work on just about anything. To be fair, these creations can sometimes look pretty good. Sadly, the same cannot be said for its latest build, which is based on the gorgeous Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and available for its Spider sibling, too. Christened the Mansory F9XX, this hyper hybrid is a case study of what happens when too much forged carbon fiber is applied to a car.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

Look, taste is subjective (some of us like the look of the BMW M4), but this creation shows no signs of subtlety. Instead, many of the car's components have been replaced by aftermarket upgrades that show no restraint. Starting at the front, there is a new vented hood, vented fenders, and a lip spoiler on a new bumper. The side skirts are new too and incorporate additional vents and strakes that extend onto the doors, where you'll find new forged carbon wing mirrors too. An intake has also been added to the roof, and the scoops on the shoulder line have been revised as well. A massive diffuser sits below a new quad-exit exhaust system, and the rear spoiler has been upgraded while an enormous integrated rear wing forms part of the Ferrari bodywork. The engine cover is new too, as are the 21-/22-inch YT.5 Air-design wheels and lowered suspension.

Interestingly, that rear wing seems to be directly inspired by cars like the Ferrari FXX-K, which Mansory has already been accused of ripping off and was sued for.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

The visual upgrades are said to improve downforce and guide airflow under the car and to the front radiators, which is necessary because this machine produces a lot more power than when it left Maranello. While the standard car produces 986 horsepower (769 from the twin-turbo 3.99-liter V8 and 217 from the hybrid system), this one has been upgraded so that the engine alone generates 978 hp and an asphalt-shattering 722 lb-ft of torque. With no changes to the three electric motors, the total now stands at just shy of 1,100 hp. As a result, 0-60 mph is possible in 2.4 seconds with a top speed of 220 mph.

Inside, black and yellow accents overwhelm with changes to the seats, steering wheel, floor mats, and other areas. There's also additional carbon fiber in here. Pricing has not been listed, but we hope that its cost will deter most people from buying one of these. The original is perfect as it is.

Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory Mansory

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