Manual-Equipped Porsche 928s Could Be The Next Big Thing For Investors

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Buy now before prices get crazy expensive.

It was in 1978 when Porsche launched the front-engined 928, the supposed replacement for the 911. Porsche figured the 911 was past its prime, being rear-engined and all, so it was time for something entirely new, and the 928 was the result. Despite those original replacement plans, it's the 911 that's still very much alive and well today while the 928 was dropped back in 1995. But during its long life, the 928 enjoyed many upgrades and special editions, but it's the early models that are really starting to attract collectors.

Go online and see if you can find one, especially with a manual gearbox. On this latest episode of Harry's Garage, we're shown a very special 1979 928, although he's not its owner. That honor belongs to Joel Hopwood, who recently won a competition to have his car showcased on Metcalfe's YouTube series. Why is this 928 unique?

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For starters, it's powered by the 300-hp 4.7-liter V8 that powered the later model 928S. In the late 70s and early 80s, Porsche equipped many of its 928s with automatics, but this one has the coveted five-speed manual. Also note those wicked cool "Pasha" checker-pattern seats and hand-stitched leather around the dash, a standard feature at the time that would later become an expensive option. But the key to making this 928 really special is that manual. Without it, the 928 definitely loses a fair chunk of its fun-to-drive factor. All that said, now's the time to buy a manual-equipped 928 before they start going for crazy money.

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