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Our recap of yesterday's news also takes a look at Bentley's delayed 1,400-hp EV and breaking news from the world of F1.

Good morning, and welcome to the last day of the week. While researching today's installment of Cold Start, your daily auto news roundup, we considered talking about the $2.5 billion loaned to GM for EV tech, the leaked face of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, and the fact that the Honda Civic Type R could get a hybrid variant. There was also the reveal of the Ford F-150 Lightning EV police truck and Toyota's research into battery-swapping tech.

As important as those stories are, this morning's recap focuses on the bargain cost of the manual Toyota GR Supra, a new bill that aims to make EVs more affordable for those who need it most, and the reveal of the Cadillac V-powered Chevy Colorado. We also take a look at the reason behind a delayed Bentley EV and two massive stories from the world of F1, including the date of the Las Vegas GP. Let's get this weekend started.


Manual Toyota GR Supra Costs Same As The Auto

In April of this year, Toyota finally confirmed that the GR Supra would be available with a six-speed manual gearbox. This is something that enthusiasts have been clamoring for, and Toyota's Gazoo Racing division has answered their prayers. Naturally, it will have cost Toyota a fair bit extra to develop and perfect the additional gearbox offering, but instead of passing those costs on to the customer, the manual Supra will be a no-cost option. That's fantastic, especially when you consider that this model's center console had to be redesigned, the shifter itself has been specially weighted, and the traction control was recalibrated to suit the Toyota-tuned 'box. Toyota, thank you for being you.

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New Bill Will Make EVs More Affordable

A new bill proposed to the Senate has been revealed, and it intends to make the transition to an electric vehicle more affordable for those who need it most. If the bill is passed, buyers can look forward to a $4,000 tax credit for used EVs, and a continuation of the $7,500 credit for new ones. What's more, manufacturers will no longer lose out on these credits once they sell 200,000 qualifying vehicles, as the cap seems to now be infinite. Best of all, these credits will not be available to single people who earn more than $150,000 per year or to couples who make more than $300,000 per annum. SUVs, pickups, and vans have a price limit of $80,000, after which the credits fall away. Similarly, if you buy any other vehicle, like a hatch, you don't get the credit if the car costs more than $55,000.

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Say Hello To The 2023 Chevrolet Colorado

In the pickup world, the biggest news of yesterday was the arrival of the all-new Chevy Colorado. It now comes with a Trail Boss trim, but the big news is that the pickup is powered by a new 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that is paired with an eight-speed automatic. This new engine replaces the outgoing 2.5-liter four-pot, 3.6-liter V6, and 2.8-liter Duramax diesel options. It's the same one you get in a Cadillac CT4-V and comes in three different states of tune, the most aggressive of which is under the hood of the ZR2, making 310 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. Up to 7,700 lbs of towing capacity is promised too, and it looks badass. There's lots more to talk about, so click the link below to get the full lowdown.

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Bentley Officially Delays 1,400-HP EV To 2026

When Bentley announced its plans for its upcoming electric car, the claims were bold. 1,400 hp is planned, and the big Bentley is predicted to get to 60 mph from rest in just 1.5 seconds. Brace yourselves. Actually, don't. Unfortunately, we have a lot more time to train our necks for that brutal acceleration because the car has been delayed by a "matter of months," according to company CEO Adrian Hallmark. The new car will likely only be revealed at some point in 2025 and arrive the following year. Hallmark has not revealed the specific reasons behind the delay but has said the cause is not related to the problems over at parent group Volkswagen's software company, Cariad.

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Las Vegas GP Date Revealed As Legend Of F1 Retires

Yesterday, the dates for the 2023 Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix were finally confirmed for the fall, specifically 16-18 November. Exciting news indeed, but it was completely overshadowed by the arrival of notoriously social media-averse F1 driver Sebastian Vettel on Instagram. He's gone on record in the past as saying that social media saps the time of many people he knows, and he didn't want to fall into the trap. So when he joined Insta yesterday, we knew there was a big reason for it. Sadly, the Aston Martin driver has announced that he will retire from the sport at the end of the current season. We hope he stays on with the Grand Prix Drivers Association, a sentiment echoed by many of his rivals. Whatever the future holds, he will now have more time for his family, and that's what he treasures most. Farewell, Seb. We shall miss you immensely. You remain the youngest world champion ever and a legend of all time.

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