Manual Popular with Early Corvette Stingray Buyers

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Two in five buyers opt for the stick, while the majority have specified the Z51 performance pack.

Chevy delivered 485 Corvette Stingrays to customers last month and already there are some interesting trends emerging. Speaking with Autoblog, a Chevy spokesman revealed that practically every early customer was an existing Corvette owner. No real surprise there, but what is interesting is that 38 percent were ordered with the all-new seven-speed manual box.

That might sound low, but that percentage is in fact the highest of any GM car including the Camaro. 75 percent of orders have requested the Z51 Performance Package, over half of which come with the optional magnetic ride suspension system. After the hardcore enthusiasts snap up their C7s, the demand for expensive options and manual transmissions will inevitably tail off. Whatever they decide, the waiting list for a new Vette is about six months.

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