Manual Toyota GR Supra Rumors Gather Pace

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But those on a budget may still be disappointed.

Rumors suggesting that the Toyota GR Supra will be getting a manual transmission have been swirling ever since the car's release and have not abated. If anything, there seems to be more evidence than ever that you'll be able to row your own gears, and we have even been given an idea of when to expect its arrival. Nothing official has yet been confirmed, but the latest signs point to an imminent announcement out of Japan. According to images posted on hosting site Imgur, a manual transmission will be arriving for the 2023 model year, but this is bittersweet news for those on a budget.

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According to these images, which appear to be from a dealer timeline document, only the six-cylinder motor will be getting this option, while the base Supra with its 2.0-liter four-pot will apparently remain automatic only. On the other end of the scale, it appears that a special edition will be offered with the manual too, with this to be named the Matte White Edition. While the paint color is obvious, the interior will be finished in an exclusive shade of tan and will boast wireless charging and USB ports. According to the images, this model would cost around $4,800 more than the regular straight-six model.

So when can you order one? Well, the Matte White Edition will likely be a Japanese Domestic Market offering, but the rest of the world should still get a "regular" manual version and perhaps a special edition for certain markets.

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This fits in with Toyota's current strategy which has seen the brand reveal a special edition model for each year the A90 Supra has been on sale, most recently the A91-CF Edition for 2022. An official press release is said to be coming on April 28, with this detailing what to expect, and production is rumored to begin in Austria this July. Dealers will receive and begin selling the manual models in October.

In case you thought these rumors were nothing more than fiction, an internal source that spoke with Road & Track, claimed that the rumors of a manual Supra "had merit." The insider also said that, with low-volume models such as this, evolution is critical to the car's survival. If that's true, then perhaps a base-model manual-equipped Supra is still in the cards. Pricing for the new Supra range is expected to be revealed this month, so official confirmation of a manual is not far away.

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