Maranello Kills Gearheads' Dreams By Turning Its Back On Ferrari

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Italy's fastest city crushes Ferrari fans' hopes.

Some of us love cars more than others. The majority of the population doesn't think twice about seeing a Corvette pass by, but some of us never tire of watching videos of screaming Ferraris all day. Unfortunately this isn't the case for residents of Maranello, Italy, because they have recently begun complaining about the angry sounds of Ferrari V8s and V12s stretching running about. It makes sense for people to want peace and quiet in their homes, but for better or for worse, this desire for a restful environment has won over in Italy's fastest city.


Lawmakers in Maranello have recently enacted policy to crack down on the touristic rent-a-supercar centers that cater to visitors to the Ferrari museum. These businesses thrive off of speed-loving tourists by charging a reasonable sum to drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis by the hour. Now, hopeful drivers can expect to have their rides restricted to hours when the traditional Italian siestas aren't taking place. This has apparently crushed the industry, with some businesses claiming that they have lost 80% of their customers due to the restrictions. These businesses have challenged the new restrictions in court but have lost. Now Ferrari fans will need to get their kicks by watching these beasts lap the Fiorano race track.

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