Marbella Pushes Monaco for Supercar Domination

It may be flush with supercars, but is this Spanish seaside town even in Monaco's league?

London. Beverly Hills. Dubai. Monaco. All are supercar hot spots where on any given day of the year you can see spectacular exotics cruising around town. But there is a new player competing for a similar status that will be unknown to the majority of our non-British readers. Marbella is a coastal town in the south of Spain where Brits love to refresh their fake tans and parade their poorly tattooed bodies over the summer months.

It’s also where the nouveau riche come to be seen in their latest piece of exotic metal, a small sample of which has been captured by MrVariated while on vacation. There’s plenty of eye candy to admire, but does it fall short of Monaco’s stratospheric supercar standards?

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