Marchettino Shows Off His Girlfriend Loving The F-Type

Check out his chick's reaction to the Jag's sound in the tunnels of Monaco.

As car spotters go, Marchettino has built quite a reputation for himself. The man has made a career from being around to drive and film the hottest cars, in the hottest locations, at just the right time. Well, it turns out he's done well for himself in other areas too. After years of posting videos of the cars he loves, he's turned the camera around to show off his girlfriend, Alessia. According to Marchettino, Alessia is also a big fan of cars, as can be evidenced in this video, where he filmed her reaction to the Jaguar F-Type S AWD in the tunnels of Monaco.

And as you can imagine, 18-year-old Alessia is just as blown away by the sound and force of the car as any enthusiast would be. Check out her reaction here:

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