Marchionne's SRT8 Raises $175k

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Chrysler chief donates his own custom Dodge Challenger to raise money for United Way.

Back in August we reported on a special Dodge Challenger SRT8 that was made specifically for Sergio Marchionne – a man who, as head of both the Chrysler and Fiat groups, has no shortage of cars to choose from. Then last month Chrysler announced that he'd be donating his muscle car for a charity auction. Now that auction has taken place, and the car sold for an impressive $175,000. That's a generous premium over the $44,775 sticker price on a new Challenger SRT8 392.

The car in question has been fitted with a number of special touches, but the nearly quadrupled price can more easily be attributed to the charity which will benefit from the auction. The funds will go towards the United Way of Southeastern Michigan, with which Marchionne is personally involved. Car collector Miles Nadal placed the winning bid in Palm Beach this past weekend when Barrett-Jackson dropped the gavel.

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