Mario Balotelli Gets His Ferrari T.P.'d

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Still not the worst thing that's happened to one of his cars.

As you may recall from a CarBuzz article from last month, A.C. Milan star and everyone's favorite footballing lunatic Mario Balotelli is one of the few fortunate souls in the world to own a Ferrari F12. Well, it didn't take long for the car to attract a bit of negative attention from a group of angry fans. The incident occurred in Switzerland, where Balotelli was approached by fans wanting his autograph. When he refused and walked away, they covered his car in toilet paper.

It is even reported that the fans waited for Balotelli to return, but finally left after getting bored. The toilet papering is certainly rude, but if you consider that Balotelli had his Bentley peed on recently, this is somewhat less horrible. We don't know anything more specific about the incident, and with his reputation for wild behavior, it's not impossible to imagine that Balotelli in some way provoked the fans. But at the same time, considering how they reacted, it is probably more likely that it was the fans who acted inappropriately. However, those who have been to a European soccer game will tell you that this sort of thing is pretty typical of overseas soccer fans.

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