Mario Kart Tag Heuer Watch Costs Used Honda Civic Money

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You might as well go buy a Nintendo Switch and play the game.

Usually, when we talk about Tag Heuer, we discuss some collaboration it did with Porsche for the latest and greatest Porsche 911.

Not this time, however. Instead, Tag Heuer has made a watch for racing fans and Nintendo fans with a pair of Mario Kart-themed chronographs.

The pair are based on Tag's iconic Formula 1 model and feature plenty of Mario-themed touches for you to enjoy. You'd better appreciate them, too, as the price isn't exactly palatable for most. There are two choices, the Chrono (pictured below left) and the Tourbillon (below right), and they'll run you a hefty $4,300 and $25,600, respectively.

Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Tag Heuer

At least these watches are cheaper than the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Limited Edition Tag Heuer.

The Chrono model is built on the same Calibre 16 auto movement you'll get in your average Tag Formula 1 watch. The steel case on this model comes out to 44mm. On the other hand, the Tourbillon's now titanium case grows to 45mm. Tag has fitted its Calibre Heuer 02T movement here.

Tag Heuer says just 3,000 Chrono models will be built, and 250 titanium Tourbillon models will be built. We're sure they'll sell every single one. For those who aren't timepiece nerds (who surely skimmed the above specs), Tag has covered both watches in some great Mario Kart nods.

Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Tag Heuer

That includes a large "M" logo on the crown, a turtle-pattern strap with red stitching, and another "M" on the clasp. The date window on the Chrono shows one of a few power-ups from the game, including the famous Star power-up. Mario is also featured on one of the Chrono's second dials.

On the back, you'll find the Mario Kart logo etched into the case with an etching of Mario just above it. The chronograph dial also has "Mario Kart" written across it, so you'd better remember the numbers between 60 and 240 if you intend to use the function.

Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Tag Heuer

The Tourbillon model has far more Mario-themed nods, and the watch's 9-o'clock position probably has the most notable. That features Mario, Bullet Bill, and a blue shell on the chronograph sub-counter. Again, you'll find "Mario Kart" written across the chronograph dial.

On the back of the watch, you're met with a window allowing you to see the watch's movement, and yet more Mario nods. Here, you'll see Mario at the wheel of two karts and what looks like Princess Peach on a motorcycle. The window also has "Mario Kart" etched into it. Tag Heuer says you'll be able to place an order for one sometime this month.

Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Tag Heuer

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