Mark Wahlberg Behind the Scenes with Bumblebee


Tranformers 4 doesn't hit until next summer but behind the scenes filming videos of Wahlberg and Supercars are aplenty.

Usually by the time a blockbuster franchise reaches its fourth installment, it starts to feature lesser prominent actors. But this doesn't seem to be the case here. Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley is out, beautiful newcomer Nicola Peltz is in. The sometimes odd Shia Labeouf, who had a good run in the series, is replaced by Mark Wahlberg. We're happy to have the man who gave us the "Thunder Song" continuing the series, but the one constant feature we're most concerned with is the arsenal of awesome vehicles starring on the big screen.

The video shows Wahlberg throwing the pigskin around with Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler as well as filming an action scene with Bumblebee, a custom 67 Camaro. Michael Bay, dressed in white, can be seen at the 2:18 mark. The helicopter in the video is shooting the scene from the air.

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This street view shows the same scene from a spectator's camera on the other side of the street. It's interesting to see what it takes to control the crowd while filming. There are also some good views of the Veyron Grand Sport and the 2014 C7 Stingray.

This birds-eye view of yet again the same scene is likely captured by another spectator's camera and shows us the most car action. We hope these vids don't spoil the movie when you finally get to see it.