Mark Wahlberg Used To Steal Cars And Now He Drives This


Stealing cars and then getting paid to act like you stole them is the American dream.

Mark Wahlberg is known for being one of the coolest actors out there. He jumps from serious gangster movies like "The Departed" to funny fictional films featuring talking bears. Besides, no gearhead will ever forget how he gave the Mini Cooper some street cred in "The Italian Job." We cant hide the fact that we want to be him so we could make cheesy workout music videos one moment and then act out a scene where he hoons a stolen FBI car the next. He seems like the kind of guy you'd want to have a beer with.

That being said, we thought Marky Mark couldn't find any new ways to surprise us… until he was recently spotted dropping off his kids at soccer practice in a Toyota Sienna minivan. Now Wahlberg can make any car cool, especially when he pulls up blasting "Good Vibrations," but if it's a people transporter fit for escaping the feds like he did in "Shooter," then we would have expected him to pop up in a Dodge Caravan. Not only would he have been able to use the $21,795 Caravan as a home gym like this wise guy did, but he would have joined the ranks of some of the craziest car owners in the world.

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