Mark Your Porsche 911 With A Fingerprint Paint Option


We've heard of personalization, but this is new.

Porsche owners love being unique. That is why the company offers a paint-to-sample program will limitless color options and even more customization options for the rest of the car. But what if you want your 2020 Porsche 911 to be even more unique? As in, specific to only you. Well, the specialists at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur are always thinking of new methods to create unique vehicles and the group has just created a new direct printing method for the 911.

If a customer selects the direct printing option, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur will disassemble the hood following series production and apply a graphic element based on the owner's fingerprint. That's right, you can now drive a 911 with a design of your own fingerprint on the hood.

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"Individuality is very important for Porsche customers. And no design can be more personal than your own fingerprint," says Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualization and Classic. "Porsche is a pioneer in personalization and has developed the direct printing method together with partners. We're especially proud of having developed a completely new product offering based on new technologies. A key factor in this was the different disciplines working together in the project team."

The direct printing method makes it possible to create designs that simply are not possible with conventional painting. Porsche describes the process like an inkjet printer - it uses a print head to apply the paint to three-dimensional components automatically and without overspray. "The ability to control the nozzles individually permits targeted application of every paint droplet," explains Christian Will, Vice President Production Development at Porsche AG. "The complexity is due to the necessity of harmonizing three technologies: robot technology (control, sensors, programming), application technology (print head, graphic handling) and paint technology (application process, paint)."

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Once a customer decides to select the direct printing option, their biometric data is processed so it cannot be used for any unauthorized purposes. After the robots finish the design, a clear coat is applied and the hood is polished before being reinstalled on the car. Porsche says the service will be available starting March 2020 and will be offered for 7,500 euros ($8,111).

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