Maser Planning Smaller GranTurismo?

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The latest intel indicates that Maserati has abandoned development for a mid-engined sportscar in favor of a more conventional front-engined GT.

Haven't had enough of new Maseratis yet? The Trident marque recently rolled out its new Quattroporte, and has both the Levante crossover and Ghibli sedan on their way. But in typical Maserati style, it's showing no signs of slowing down. So following rumors that the Modenese automaker could get its own version of the new LaFerrari hypercar comes a report on a new two-door model to slot in below the GranTurismo. The front-engine/rear-drive coupe would reportedly pack V6 power with varying power output.

Sources expect around 300 hp in the base trim, closer to 400 in GTS spec and a top-of-the-line MC Stradale model to follow with around 450 horsepower. While the news of a new Maserati is always welcome, word has it that this model is being given preference over the prospect of a Trident-badged version of the mid-engined, rear-drive Alfa 4C. Apparently re-engineering the 4C's compact carbon-fiber monocoque to accommodate a V6 or V8 engine has proven too difficult, leaving the resulting Frakensteined chassis too tail-happy to unleash on the public. And so Maserati is sticking to more familiar territory.

We're told to expect the new GranSport (or whatever it will be called) to arrive around 2016 with a $100,000 price tag, with a convertible version to follow. A new GranTurismo is set to be based on the new Quattroporte's platform, shedding a good 230 pounds off the current model's curb weight, with 460 horsepower in S trim, 530 in the GTS and as much as 600 for the MC Stradale.

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