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Maserati Alfieri Will Be The Jaguar F-Type's Most Serious Threat

And - gasp! - it'll probably be turbocharged.

Although it’s not expected until sometime in 2016 at the very earliest, more details are emerging regarding the Maserati Alfieri. First off, Maserati will launch its Levante SUV first, then the Alfieri. That’s just fine because we know Maserati is currently hard at work making this Alfieri everything it needs to be, "a true sports car," in the words of Maserati marketing boss Saad Chehab. Speaking to AutoGuide at the Canadian International Auto Show, Chehab acknowledged that the Alfieri won’t outright replace the Gran Turismo.

Instead, it'll sit alongside it; neither one will be the brand’s flagship. Essentially, they’ll be equal but different. And like the Gran Turismo, the Alfieri will offer 2+2 seating but the rear seats will obviously be an even tighter fit. Also strongly hinted is that the Alfieri will come powered by a turbocharged engine. Which one, exactly? A very good guess will be the Ghibli’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6. The base model alone could produce 410 hp while the high-performance variant could spit out as much as 520 hp. Compared to the GT, the Alfieri will be smaller, quite a bit lighter, and just as powerful, if not more so. We can easily live with that.

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