Maserati Bora Concept Could Do The Trident Proud

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A beautiful tribute to one of the marques more important models.

Maserati is a company with its share of ups and downs. Thankfully it's been much more up than down recently, but it will take some work to stay on top. Or perhaps not, and maybe the next model has already been designed. The "concept" you're looking at here isn't anything official, but is rather just something that Intern Bertone designer Alex Imnadze thought looked cool. He named the rendering "Bora" after the Seventies model which obviously inspired it.

The Bora was a fairly short-lived model for the trident, a result of the marque's being handed off from one owner to another during this period of its history. But it was highly important anyway. First proposed in 1968 with production beginning in 1971, the Bora was Maserati's first mid-engine model, as well as the first one in a long time which was technologically impressive. Reviving the nameplate for a concept as gorgeous as this one could therefore be a fantastic business move. Now they just need to find a way for it to not take sales away from the Ferrari 458.

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