Maserati Confirms Hot Trofeo Version Of Grecale SUV

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It's three trim strategy won't stop with the company's new SUV.

Ever since we first snuck a look at the shadowy outline of the upcoming Maserati Grecale, our interest has been piqued. The shape is attractive for an SUV, much like those of the Macan and Stelvio. As its development continues, we've been seeing more and more of the stunning new crossover, while quietly hoping that there would be a high-performance version to follow. The last teaser we got revealed little that we did not already know, but thanks to official word from Maserati, received via The Drive, we now have some big news: Ferrari's cousins will make a fire-breathing Trofeo version of the Grecale.

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CEO of Maserati North America William Peffer says that Maserati certainly intends to fully capitalize on the compact SUV segment, which he says is the fastest-growing and most profitable in the industry at this point in time. It'll be interesting to see how the likes of Maserati react when the trend inevitably reverses, but while the going is good, Maserati will still make the SUV as sexy as possible with a go-faster model. Maserati views the Grecale as its path to legitimacy, as enjoyed by the likes of BMW's X3, Audi's Q5, Merc's GLC, and the critically acclaimed Porsche Macan.


As so many others have promised, Peffer says that Maserati's Grecale will be fun to drive, and that's what will make it stand out. Judging by our own time spent with the BMW X3 M Competition, not to mention the experience of the Macan Turbo, Maserati will have to work hard to achieve this goal while retaining the comfort that buyers in this segment demand.

To help achieve this, Peffer realizes that the Grecale must be consistent from base to top trim. "One of the ways you do that is you're consistent with that product within your lineup," he explains. "For us, that means the three trims. So we will have a Trofeo version of [the Grecale], we will have a Modena version of that. We will have a GT version."

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The GT models of a Maserati represent the brand's "urban, minimal, and contemporary spirit," while Modena models are a little more lavish and the Trofeo versions are equipped with more power and sharper handling characteristics. Unfortunately, no clues were given as to what will be under the hood of these models, not even the Trofeo.

We know it won't be the MC20's engine because that is bespoke and strictly limited to that car. However, our dream is that Maserati takes the lessons learned in developing the MC20's powerplant, reduces performance and enhances fuel economy with mild hybridization. Attach a smooth but sharp auto, give the Grecale clever suspension, and Maserati could have a winner. That's as long as it looks as good as we think it will.

Source Credits: The Drive

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