Maserati Confirms Sportscar Plans

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No hypercar for Maserati, says its European director, but a new GranTurismo and mid-engined sportscar are reportedly in the cards.

Ferrari has been quick to quash rumors of potential derivatives of the new LaFerrari. First Maranello shot down rumors of a more hardcore version of the hybrid hypercar, and now Maserati is refuting reports that it could get its own version as well. Now we've seen Ferrari deny things before (California, we're looking at you) that later turned out to be true. But even if Maserati isn't getting its own hypercar as it focuses on sedans and crossovers, don't count the Trident marque out of the sportscar game altogether.

Speaking with AutoExpress, Maserati's European sales chief denied the prospect of a new MC12, but did confirm that the company was planning new coupes. One will be the replacement for the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, set to arrive in 2015. After that, Maserati could release a new mid-engined sportscar. That prospect has long been rumored, but seemed to be kyboshed when the underpinnings of the Alfa 4C proved unsuitable for the larger engine Maserati would require. Now it seems that Maserati could develop its own architecture – unless Ferrari were willing to help it out with the 458's chassis.

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