Maserati Customers Don't Like That The Brand Is So Cheap

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If customers want to pay more, why not charge more?

While Maserati continues full steam ahead with entry-level cars such as the Ghibli, it appears as though the brand's customers are worried the Italian carmaker is selling its cars too cheap. According to a recent interview with Autocar, Maserati CEO Herald Wester stated that "people say we are selling our cars too cheaply." Wester revealed that Maserati will begin to gradually raise prices over a number of years in response to the apparent complaints from customers.

Wester declined to comment as to whether or not the price increases would trickle down to the Ghibli, which has been designed to be a more budget-minded model. Raising the price on the Ghibli could be troublesome for the brand considering it competes directly against the likes of the very competent and popular BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6. The price increases will likely follow the same formula as competing German brands meaning a price increase will follow each new model release. Additionally, Wester wants to increase the overall transaction price of each model sold. What that means is an increase in price for additional options packages.

No word on whether Maserati will expand its options list to compete more directly with German rivals, although it would be a smart move considering the competitive climate and their plans to increase prices. Our advice? If you're planning on buying a Maserati we suggest you do it soon.


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