Maserati GranTurismo Door Incident in Poland

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Better close that door before a passing truck does.

Bad weather can have a bad effect on everyones' day. And for these two individuals, the wet weather conditions incidentally caused them some major embarrassment - on television. Here's what happened: a Polish television show crew was filming an episode for a series called "Zakup Kontrolowany", which accordingly to Google Translate means "Controlled Purchase". The show's concept revolves around people buying a new car. Ok, sounds interesting enough.

Recently a new episode was being filmed featuring Polish actress Margaret Kornacki Socha and show host Adam Kornacki. Things began to go wrong when Socha became nervous about driving an expensive and powerful car like the GranTurismo in the heavy rain and strong winds.

The two then proceeded to get out and switch seats when the somewhat expected happened. Before Kornacki could close the driver's door, a truck came from behind and got to it before he could. After nearly ripping the door off, the total repair bill came to about €10,000. The shocked looks on their faces weren't edited out and the incident was featured in the episode, which aired just the other night in Poland.

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