Maserati GranTurismo S Receives Sport Package

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The Maserati GT S has just received a sweet Sport package.

From the first glance alone, you can tell the Maserati GT S Sport package isn't your ordinary Maserati. Upgrades on the interior and exterior give the GT a whole new personality that you could even mistake for a new model. The exterior features a stunning blacked-out grille with a red-accented Trident logo, side skirts and front winglets (for added downforce), black-outlined headlights, black mesh side grilles and an integrated rear lid and spoiler.

The Sport package sits on a set of 'Grigio Mercury Neptune' (fancy-talk for gray) alloy wheels. The GT maintains the same 4.7-liter V8 engine that puts out 440hp and 361lb-ft of torque and is equipped with the 'super-fast' MC Auto Shift software for the six-speed ZF automatic transmission. Maserati's Sport package also boasts a new exhaust system that, when in 'Sport mode', keeps the bypass valves fully agape giving the exhaust a large note. The Maserati GT Sport package can get you from 0-62mph in five seconds and can hit a top speed of 183mph. The Sport package runs an additional £3,840 for a total new price of £92,480.

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