Maserati GranTurismo Stolen From Dealership By Cunning Scammer


Looks like someone has watched Gone in 60 Seconds a few too many times.

Car thieves are becoming increasingly cunning. The Detroit Free Press reports that a Michigan thief used fake identity and fraudulent paperwork to trick a dealership into handing him the keys to Maserati GranTurismo worth over $81,000. The man apparently saw an online advert for the sports car and agreed to buy it for $81,900. He then sent a photocopy of his driver's license to the dealership and acquired a loan from the Bank of America to purchase the car with a stolen identity.


Police said the brazen thief paid the dealership $550 to ship the car to Illionois and instructed them to leave it in a WalMart parking lot because he told them his street was too narrow for the delivery truck. That doesn't sound suspicious at all. Bank of America soon called the dealership to inform them the buyer had used fraudulent documents to obtain the Maserati, but it was too late. "The business also received payment from the suspect for $1,026.40 to pay for the Michigan State Tax which they now feel was probably done with a fraudulent check," police confirmed in a news release.

The gorgeous GranTurismo is something of a grand touring icon, featuring a 4.7-liter, V8 engine derived from a Ferrari that generates 454 hp - or at least the top of the range model does. It isn't known exactly which model was stolen. Something tells us this guy has watched Gone in 60 Seconds a few too many times.


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