Maserati Grecale Taking The Fight To The Macan With $63K Base

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Pricing only gets far steeper from there using the online configurator.

Maserati has released detailed the US pricing and trims for the new Maserati Grecale SUV. In short, it's exactly what we expected, with plenty of trims, add-ons, and cosmetic choices. You can also view that via the brand's new online configurator, which is a fantastic way to waste time. The Maserati Grecale, as we know, will come in three flavors: GT, Modena, and the high-performance Trofeo. An electric Grecale Folgore will come later as well. The first two will be powered by a turbo four making anywhere from 296-325 hp via AWD and an 8-speed automatic.

The base GT model will start at $63,500 MSRP, with the Modena running up to $72,900 and the Trofeo starting at a hefty $102,500. That's largely down to the feisty 523 hp V6 engine. You can also have some neat colors and options to make your Maserati more of a stand-out.

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That's also true of the GT trim, which offers several paint and brake caliper colors in addition to more wheel options. Eight paint colors are offered, ranging from $800-$4,100. Wheels range from $1,800-$3,600 with your choice of tire, including a high-performance summer tire. Painted calipers will run you an extra $500 bucks - well worth it if you ask us.

Moving up to the Grecale Modena limits your paint choices to white, grey, black, and blue, each of which will run $800 extra. There's also only one wheel and tire choice for the Modena, a 21 inch wheel with all-season tires. Painted calipers are still $500 and come in your pick of red, yellow, black, or blue.

The top-line Grecale Trofeo adds a number of pricey paint schemes ($800-$4,100), wheels with summer tires ($3,100), and calipers ($500). The Trofeo trim also comes with your pick of virtually infinite options. Frankly, it's too many to list here. The highlights include a driver assistance package, an $1,100 wireless charging pad (which had better print money at that price), and a premium package that upgrades the sound system, in addition to adding niceties like ventilated leather seats.

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Again, this is just the highlights reel. Maserati offers a number of other packages across the Grecale's three trim levels, including things like a Black Package for the base model ($1,100), a handling pack with LSD ($2,000), and many others. There's also some things you can't miss, like a 360-degree camera, and hands-free liftgate.

Climbing the trim ladder to the Trofeo does net you the hands-free liftgate, but you'll still have to fork over the $800 for the 360 camera- what a shame. Speaking of, the fact that adaptive cruise is part of a $3,100 optional pack on even the Trofeo model is a huge downer. The Corolla has that as standard and has for years. Just because Maserati wants to outdo Porsche, doesn't mean it can get away with crazy options.

CarBuzz went and had a look at all three trim levels today, and the Grecale appears excellent in person. Should Maserati be able to compete with Porsche and other rivals, the Grecale will be coming to a country club near you very soon.

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