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Maserati Has A Bunch Of Exciting Models On The Horizon

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And quite a few of them will have electric drivetrains.

Evidence of the new model rampage Maserati has kept promising has yet to materialize even though the company previously pledged to unveil a new model every 6 months until 2022. Maserati’s old 2018-2022 product blueprint had initially outlined plans to unveil new versions of the Levante, Ghibli, and Quattroporte in 2022, but a new plan uncovered in the automaker’s Q2 2019 fiscal report seems to shift focus on ensuring those vehicles don’t go stale before being replaced.

To do so, Maserati will instead conduct a mid-cycle refresh on each of those three models. Full-on replacement of the Quattroporte is still slated for 2022, but the Levante’s replacement has been pushed back until 2023 while the Ghibli’s proposed successor has been stricken off the blueprint entirely - maybe Maserati foresees complete sedan oblivion by then?

And while the automaker had previously told the world that it had plans to debut a production version of the Alfieri concept in 2022, the Alfieri name now seems to be stricken from the blueprint as well. That doesn’t however, mean that it won’t be making it to production. Hinting at that is an "all-new Sportscar” and "all-new Sportscar Cabriolet” set to debut in 2020 and 2021 respectively, with a new GranTurismo and GranCabrio following them in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Chances are the Alfieri will be one of those models.

In addition to these, we can expect to see a completely new Maserati SUV that will be positioned below the Levante in terms of price, size, and capability to capture a wider audience.

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In addition to the new models, existing Maserati products are poised to change substantially, with the new Sportscar, Sportscar Cabrio, and entry-level SUV set to be available with battery-electric drivetrains. With so many changes on the horizon, it makes us think Maserati’s current quiet spell is actually an indicator that the company is hard at work on these new models.

It’ll need them, after all, since FCA’s luxury wing is one of the struggling automaker’s lagging brands and, it needs to see some sort of action if it wants to stay in business.