Maserati Introduces Incredible Ten-Year Warranty

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It's available to Maserati drivers in the USA from October 1 and covers all Maseratis, old and new.

  • New Extra10 Warranty Program covers engine, gearbox and transmission until car reaches ten-years-old
  • Available globally and in the USA from October 1
  • Existing customers can also make use of warranty

Few brands have a history as rich as Maserati. In its heyday, the automaker's exotic motor vehicles were the preferred choice of propulsion for the jet-set; those who considered a Ferrari or Lamborghini a touch nouveau riche. But that's all been forgotten. Reliability woes have given the brand a poor reputation, but that's something the company is looking to change with its new ten-year warranty for the Americas.

Now, customers can sit back and rest in the knowledge that their Italian luxury vehicle is covered for engine, gearbox, and transmission problems until the car turns ten years old. The Extra10 Warranty Program builds on the existing Extended Warranty, which allows Maserati customers to stretch the warranty to four or five years. This service will be offered to clients across the globe and is available in the USA from October 1.


As the brand hopes to lure mainstream customers with the Grecale, it is essential that Maserati assures potential customers that its vehicles are built to last. Offering a robust warranty is a clever way of doing this. What's more, it should instill confidence in those wary of going for a left-field option.

However, it's not just new customers that benefit from this. Existing customers can also opt for the package, providing the deal is done within nine-and-a-half years of registration. There's no mileage limit, though. All owners need to do is visit their local dealer to see if their car is eligible and, if so, activate the warranty. There are other perks, including a courtesy car and pick-up and return service - something that high-end customers expect.

Maserati says this will strengthen resale values over time and add intangible value to the ownership experience. "The aim is to commit to ensuring a unique, innovative customer experience that looks ahead to the future."

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Former bedfellow Ferrari has taken a similar approach in recent weeks. The Maranello-based supercar brand is offering its clients the ability to extend the warranty from the standard three to seven years. What's more, the company also has a Power15 program that is made available to new and certain previously loved Ferraris.

Maserati's potential future success rides on its ability to change its troubled image. While more affordable, the Ghibli and Levante weren't the strong sellers the company had hoped for, with buyers flocking to the German opposition in their droves. The more affordable Grecale and future electric models (such as the GranTurismo Folgore) will certainly bolster appeal, and so too will the striking MC20 twins.

It's promising to see the brand put so much faith in their products and, for Maserati's sake, we hope consumers pay attention and sales improve. If anything, it would be nice to see the traffic in upmarket suburbs littered with more Italian flair.


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