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Maserati is Increasing Production of These Models

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Even 2014 sales are expected to double over last year.

Things are looking good for Maserati these days. Not only is the Italian brand undergoing a design renaissance, but demand for its cars is increasing. In order to satisfy anxious customers, Maserati is reportedly set to boost production of both its Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans by 20 percent by this September. That will be an increase of about 750 to 900 cars per week. All told, Maserati's orders will likely increase to about 40,000 cars this year alone – more than double of 2013's sales.

So who's buying Maseratis these days? Typically it's people who are looking for a BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz alternative. What's more, Maserati, particularly the Ghibli, is sold for a reasonable price, beginning at just over $66,000. The Quattroporte, while not cheap at $102,500, is still a solid value considering its direct competitors. There's also that "Made in Italy" stamp that appeals to many. In order to handle the increased production, Maserati will add two shifts every Saturday and reduce its summer breaks by two weeks.

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