Maserati Is Opening A Winter Driving School To Prove Snow Doesn't Suck

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Will the Alfieri or Levante be there? Probably not.

Maserati has finally caught up with the times and launched its Snowmaster Experience Lapland Edition 2016, aka a winter driving school. Now we say "caught up with the times" because winter driving courses from automakers are nothing new. Bentley offers one and so does Aston Martin. Hell, wealthy gearheads can even hoon Lamborghinis around ice tracks. Maserati's program takes place in the Swedish province of Lapland, right near the Arctic Circle. The experience lasts four days and kicks off in mid-March.

The cost for all this fun is €5,950 or $6,476 for a driver. Those who just wish to ride along only need to shell out €865, or $941. Although Maserati is new to the snowy driving school scene, we have no doubt its classes will be full. After all, you can't attend the Aston Martin or Bentley winter driving program every year, right?

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