Maserati Issues A Recall Because It Apparently Has Ejector Seats

Italian cars do everything more dramatically.

When you look at a car, you may see a gorgeous body on four wheels. But an experienced engineer sees a safety cell designed to keep your family reunions at their current size even if you crash. In order to make the structure a functional crash bunker, the doors need to stay closed to prevent passengers from being ejected or hit by debris, but Maserati didn’t seem to get the message. Apparently the GranTurismo’s door latches have not been properly heat-treated, a process that makes them strong enough to survive harsh impacts.

This means that they have the tendency to fly open in a crash in the same dramatic fashion that the Italian pedestrian you almost ran over will use his arms to yell at you to slow down. Fortunately, the affected models are only those built from June 24 to September 2, 2015. This encompasses only 135 cars since the GranTurismo makes up a fraction of the brand’s sales. Like most luxury car companies, the Maserati line is expanding to include an SUV (the Levante) and a grand tourer, the Alfieri. For this reason it’s in the brand’s best interests to pull back on the drama in order to keep future customers feeling nice and good.

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