Maserati Issues Recall

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Rusty suspension component forces Maserati to bring in over 7,000 GranTurismos, Quattroportes and Alfa 8Cs.

Italian automakers are known for many things, but while their quality has improved over recent years, reliability isn't the first factor you'd likely list in selecting something as exotic as a Maserati. So when a recall notice came in for the some of the Trident marque's recent products, it wasn't exactly a jaw-dropping surprise. The recall in question affects the Quattroporte (model year 2005-2008) and GranTurismo (MY2008), as well as the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione which Maserati built for its sister company.

The problem apparently revolves around the rear tie rod assembly – an element of the suspension - which according to an NHTSA investigation was insufficiently protected against corrosion. The problem could lead to the assembly rusting, then weakening and ultimately breaking. Maserati dealers in North America will start fixing the problem at the end of next month, notifying individual owners of the 7,438 vehicles affected of the problem.

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