Maserati Just Got Hit With Third Recall In A Month

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Perhaps Italian cars really aren't very reliable?

It seems like we just reported this news (because we did), but Maserati is facing yet another automotive recall this month. This latest recall involves a problem with the rear differential unit. The recall targets a pinion nut which may not have been tightened properly. The issue could cause the rear wheels to lock up completely and cause the car to spin out. Fortunately, only 326 examples of the 2017 Ghibli and Quattroporte in the United States are affected. If the issue is found, the car would need to have a complete replacement of the differential unit.


This recall comes hot off the heels of another silly, and less dangerous recall that involved backup cameras that failed in cold weather. This same month, Maserati was also involved in a recall from Pirelli because certain Pirelli P Zero All Season tires were developing cracks in the sidewall and losing air. Having three automotive recalls in one month is certainly nothing to be proud of for Maserati, and it isn't like the company had a clean history for reliability before this month. The GranTurismo had a fire issue and the Ghibli and Quattroporte even had unintended acceleration problems. This latest recall is not even the first time Maserati has had an issue because something wasn't tightened properly.

Back in May, Maserati had to recall over 26,000 cars for a loose bolt that secures the tie rod to the hub carrier assembly in the rear suspension. This issue could have caused suspension failure in Ghibli and Quattroporte models. Italian cars have always been known to be less reliable than most, but this is ridiculous. Maserati used to get a pass because it was a low-volume manufacturer and those sort of things are common on specialty vehicles. However, Maserati made the decision to compete with well-established volume brand like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes and so far, it looks like it might not be up to the task.

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