Maserati MC20 Gets Awesome New Prototype Car Cover

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Expect it to be expensive.

As spy shots have proven time and time again, upcoming new models undergoing testing generally hit the street or track wearing an intentionally overly complicated black-and-white design. This is meant to mask the curves and lines of a vehicle while also hiding other details like the shapes of lighting fixtures, wing mirrors, and more. Eventually, we get to see the reveal of the vehicle, and all these details are exposed. But as purposefully ugly as these wraps generally are, sometimes they can look decent, and in the case of Maserati's all-new MC20 supercar, the design was deemed good enough to turn into a car cover.

Maserati/YouTube Maserati/YouTube Maserati/YouTube

As you can see above, the design has been refined slightly from what was seen in spy shots of the supercar, but the overall theme remains. The base color is Maserati's traditional blue, while the almost haphazard scripts and logos draped across the cover are white, as they should be on a Maserati. Unlike on test cars with camo wraps that are intended to hide the shape of the vehicle, the car cover follows a flowing theme that leads your eye towards the roof, where you'll find the biggest Trident logo. The overall effect is rather smart, and the cover is thin enough to allow signature lighting elements to shine through.

Maserati Maserati/YouTube

Unfortunately, this is just a teaser for now, and as such, we have no details on when it will be available for purchase or what it will cost to buy. But with the MC20 starting at $210,000 in the US, we doubt that anyone with an MC20 will be too worried about money. Personally, we'd skip on the cover as our MC20, should we be so lucky, would spend almost all of its time being driven. With its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 generating 621 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque and the ability to hit 62 mph in under three seconds, leaving this incredibly fast (and good-looking) work of art under a cover would be a travesty.

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