Maserati MC20 Tuned To 705 HP With GT3-Inspired Looks

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The Maserati MC20 is still fresh, but that hasn't stopped DMC from improving it.

Germany's DMC has turned its hand to the all-new Maserati MC20 to lend the boisterous Italian some flair, and it hasn't disappointed. The company has given the lithe Italian plenty of aggression, thanks to a prominent body kit and several other style-enhancing features. More importantly, it has upped Maserati's already muscular engine outputs, with the final product being this, the Maserati MC20 "Sovrana."

Let's begin with the styling. The front quarter panels have been redesigned and now include sporty-looking GT3 vents. Together with the carbon fiber radiator grille, the overall effect is subtle and quietly sinister. Round back, you'll find the biggest change - a specially designed DMC rear wing, made exclusively for the Trident-adorned supercar.

Plenty of work went into developing this functional piece of art. DMC notes the legs are custom-made with CNC methods and showcase half of the brand's iconic badging.

DMC Tuning DMC Tuning

The side profile has also been improved, thanks to the accentuated door sills. There's also a subtle carbon fiber lip at the rear, which has been teamed with carbon inlays for the exhaust pipes. Of course, it wouldn't be a GT3-inspired car without the rear diffuser.

Everything is finished off with some rather special wheels. DMC notes it is the first company to offer forged wheels for the MC20 and if the customer wishes, the tuner can paint the wheels in the exterior color of the vehicle. These high-end items are made by PUR Wheels in Canada.

But there's added bite to match the visual bark. Not only has the MC20 been lowered by 1.18 inches (front and rear), but DMC has also provided the pretty Italian with a healthy power boost.

DMC Tuning DMC Tuning

As standard, the Nettuno V6 produces 621 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque. As we've already seen, this makes for more than adequate performance. But thanks to some fettling, the German tuner has increased this to 705 hp and 646 lb-ft. Aside from a sports exhaust with two double-suction tailpipes, the ECU has been optimized for improved performance. A stronger air filter has also been fitted.

The interior of the MC20 is already a masterpiece, but that hasn't stopped DMC from gutting the cabin and retrimming it with posh leather. Hard-wearing but soft to the touch, the cockpit ambiance is uplifted by a chequered stitch which, according to DMC, is equally sporty and elegant. A new steering wheel and aluminum pedals finish the interior off nicely.

DMC Tuning DMC Tuning

DMC is one of the few tuners that practice restraint, and it shows in this project. But is it as pretty as the MC20 kit dreamed up by 7 Designs? The New York-based company revealed the stunning Aria kit in 2021; while subtle, it lends the Maserati a real racecar look. Sadly, it's limited to just 25 units.

The DMC upgrade is available for both the coupe and the gorgeous MC20 Cielo, a drop-top derivative that recently made its American debut. There's no word on pricing yet, but we imagine it will command a hefty premium. After all, forged wheels, carbon fiber, and high-end engine tuning don't come cheap.

But for those with the money (and an MC20), it should prove tempting. After all, DMC is known for its excellent work and craftsmanship.

DMC Tuning DMC Tuning DMC Tuning DMC Tuning

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