Maserati MC20 Upgraded With More Power And Presence

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Yet another case of Novitec proving that less is most certainly more.

The Maserati MC20 was revealed two years ago, which means that various aftermarket tuners have had plenty of time to get to grips with the car and develop various upgrades for it. Some tuners have revealed body kits for the car, and some are working on performance upgrades. Novitec is doing both.

We've been looking forward to Novitec's take on the Italian supercar in particular because the tuner's aesthetic upgrades are tasteful and its performance solutions are not too far over the top. Unsurprisingly, Novitec has got it right again with the MC20, revealing a classy new look and an upgrade from the standard car's 621 horsepower to 701 hp.

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Two plug-and-play Novitec N-Tronic modules have been developed, providing new maps for fuel injection, boost pressure control, and ignition. There's also a high-performance exhaust with lighter and more efficient 100-cell sport catalytic converters, and the entire system has been insulated for better thermal management in the engine bay. Optionally, the system is available with electronically controllable butterfly valves, and you can choose from stainless steel or Inconel for the full setup. Heat can be better kept in check with 999 fine gold plating. Whatever you choose, the exhaust can be finished with either carbon fiber or stainless steel slanted tips measuring 100 millimeters (3.93 inches) in diameter.

Novitec Novitec Novitec

All of this results in a peak power figure of 701 hp. Torque has also been increased from 538 lb-ft to 603. As a result, Novitec says that its MC20 can manage 0-62 mph in only 2.8 seconds (down from a claimed 2.9) and 124 mph in 8.4 seconds (down from a claimed 8.8 seconds). The standard car's top speed of 202 mph has also been improved upon, although Novitec doesn't say by how much. More importantly, throttle response and in-gear acceleration should be even more astonishing. Naturally, the car needs to show off its newfound abilities with some carbon fiber garnishing.

Novitec Novitec Novitec

At the front, a new lip spoiler adds aggression and reduces front-axle lift for better high-speed stability, while a ducktail rear spoiler helps further improve downforce. For a little more pizzazz, the front end gets naked carbon inserts on the hood and new air deflector elements for the intakes on the rear haunches. Novitec sport springs lower the car by some 25 mm and complement new wheels from Vossen, measuring 9x20 inches in front and 12x21 inches at the rear. Novitec will also customize the interior to the customer's request in any color and combination of leather and Alcantara you may desire. As usual, pricing at this end of the tuning scale is a mystery, but MC20 owners aren't typically likened to Uncle Scrooge.

Novitec Novitec Novitec Novitec

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