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Maserati MilleMiglia Concept Is Exactly What The Brand Needs

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A stunning halo car is what Maserati needs to start the decade off right.

The 2020s should be an important decade for Maserati. After more than a decade on the market, the Maserati Gran Turismo finally received a send-off as the Italian automaker heads into a new era of electrification. The company is set to reveal a replacement for the Gran Turismo later this year while replacements for the Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante also in the works.

But Maserati also recently showed off a secret prototype, housing an all-new powertrain. It is still unknown if this prototype will become its own model or if it is just a testbed for new technology but a new halo supercar from Maserati might be just the thing to kick off a new decade. We aren't the only ones who share this opinion, which is why artist Luca Serafinirendered a new concept called the Maserati MilleMiglia.

Serafini says the Maserati 250F and 6CM were the inspirations for his beautiful creation. He wanted to create a modern interpretation of those race cars with modern surfacing and proportions. Though it does not feature an opened-wheel design for safety and regulation reasons, the wheels have been pushed out to create a low-slung style. The Italian Avio color was important to give the MilleMiglia a classic look and pairs beautifully with the sand beige interior.

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The interior features a single-seater design with exposed carbon fiber elements and exquisite leatherwork. Serafini makes no mention of a powertrain for the MilleMiglia but with Maserati set to reveal all-electric models, a powerful electric motor could be an interesting choice for a concept like this.

"The MilleMiglia concept is a homage to the craftsmen I had the chance and pleasure to work with. My passion for car design grew on me thanks to their involvement. They should be inspiring examples for the next generations with their hard work and passion coming from the heart. They are part of our heritage," said Serafini.