Maserati Needs To Build This Intoxicating Concept Right Now


Like right now.

Before Maserati cameout with the Ghibli, the Italian automaker focused on creating breathtaking vehicles with powerful Ferrari engines underneath the hood. To commemorate Maserati’srich heritage and as a nod towards green hypercars, transportation design student Maurice Maschmeyer designed thisgorgeous concept, called the Maserati Tipo 975 Ernesto. His concept is named after one of Maserati’s founding brothers, Ernesto Maserati, who passedaway in 1975.

This radical hybridhypercar is fitted with five engines for a combined output of 975 hp and boastsa power to weight ratio of 1:1. The main motor is an inline-six that generates 325hp and powers the dual front electric motors, which produce 140 hp each. The inline-sixalso charges independent dual rear hub motors that put down 185 hp to each rear wheel. As with every hybrid, the 975 Ernesto Concept has an ionizedbatter pack, which is hidden behind the driver’s seat for ideal weight distribution.

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We've seen the revolutionarybody style before, which isn’t just for looks. The body has been designed to create anextreme amount of downforce and is modeled after a fighter jet. To provide aprovocative engine note, the 975 Ernesto Concept has top-mounted exhaust pipes that giveit a more fluid appearance. This has to beone of the best concepts we’ve ever seen, but what are the chances of Maseratiactually putting something that looks this good and is this powerful on theroad? Probably not that good.