Maserati Opens its Factory Doors


Maserati gives fans a unique look at its main facility in Modena.

Maserati has big plans to expand its horizons with a range of new high-volume models. In addition to the Quattroporte sedan and the GranTurismo coupe and convertible (in all their many iterations), Maserati will soon expand with such models as the Levante SUV and Ghibli mid-size sedan as well as an expected mid-engined sportscar to slot in between the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C and the Ferrari 458 Italia. But its enviable record of creating some of the world's finest sports cars is what maintains the marque at the pinnacle of the automotive industry.

To give its fans a unique look at how it runs its operations, Maserati provides exclusive tours of its main high-tech facility in Modena, Italy, which is previewed in these recently released videos.

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Contained therein is a look at the body shop, powertrain facility, test center and finishing department, which gives us a fresh perspective at the high level of craftsmanship that's involved in building each and every chrome trident wearing Maserati.