Maserati Planning a 2nd Crossover?

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In its relentless pursuit of its German rivals, Maserati has a whole mess of new products coming out.

Getting tired of news about new products from Maserati? Well hold on to your driving caps, boys and girls, because the Trident marque is showing no sign of slowing down. The latest? A crossover to rival the Range Rover Evoque, the upcoming Porsche Macan and its ilk. According to Car and Driver, it would be based on the same platform that underpins the Alfa Giulietta and Dodge Dart. Alfa Romeo was tipped to be developing such a product as well, so the Maserati version could simply piggy-back on the same program.

Don't confuse this reported new product, however, with the Levante. That's the production name of the Kubang crossover concept pictured here, which will be built atop the Jeep Grand Cherokee's platform. The pair of crossovers join two new sedans (the new Quattroporte and upcoming Ghibli), the replacements for the GranTurismo coupe and convertible and another anticipated sportscar or two in a rapidly-expanding product portfolio from Maserati. (Pictured are the Maserati Kubang concept in gunmetal grey and the 2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal concept in gold.)

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